Monday, June 6, 2011

so you have something to say?

Biting your tongue is uncomfortable for a reason.  Sometimes it's necessary, to spare someone's feelings.  And sometimes it's just hiding.  I've always loved writing, it's been my way of expressing myself since I can remember.   It's something that I've only shared with a very select audience, one that I feel I can trust not to judge me.  Now the act of allowing my writing to be public and making a commitment to an audience and to myself..... forces me to actually write.  I've been away from it for a long time and I've felt a little homesick.  Writing is a familiar place, a way of connecting with myself and allows an outlet for those thoughts that wait in line to be heard throughout the day as I wash dishes, wipe bums, cook dinner, go to the park....... It's my meditation, my offering, my sanity.  So as I step out into the world to offer healing whether through my hands or my words, it's my humble intention that I touch a place in you that needs illumination. 

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