Monday, June 6, 2011


My friend vowed to cut off her arm if I didn't publish this somehow.  So, for the sake of her arm.....
transience is a state of bliss. It comes and goes and in itself there is freedom. Covet not the freedom, seek the joy that is inherent. In all things there is space for change and renewal. In all things there is perfection and lack of perfection. In all things - are all things. This state of unity we cannot grasp while in our current form. Bliss is all there is - if we choose this. Lack of resistence allows for transformation. Even in resistence we transform as stones become smooth in the wake of the ocean’s waves. Rough edges, smooth edges - a rock becomes a stone but its essence remains the same. Break the rock and it transforms again. Rough edges, smooth edges - we continue to transform as life washes over us. Breaking waves are not cause for celebration. In the center of your being joy and pain unite. The touching of the two are the creative power that causes galaxies to explode into existence. At the center of push and pull is pure power.

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